Footballer, named and exposed.



BCU Chargers wrestler Devin DeRocher showing off his muscles, ass, and a bit of his dick.

Putting some favorite posts up top …

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former Uni. of Arkansas-Pine Bluff punter Kent t. Black shows whats between his legs…#39 rocks my socks!

A repost.

still my top original post and one of my favs

Still trying for 4000 notes on this fella’

i like to have him up top :)

Anonymous said: Why has it been a week without updates? You are my favorite blog.

Sorri! Been out of town and back wednesday so i will put some new stuff up!



more pole vault boy, by request

Anonymous said: Hi! I love that pole vaulter / track guy, he is literally perf, do you have any more of him or are you able to get any more?

I can get some…

dreamy pole vaulter

More Croatian World Cup player Dejan Lovren swimming nude and showing off the goods after a loss to Brazil. There is one good penis shot I am trying to find.